FIRST Team 4217: The Scitobors

La Familia Machinam

Welcome to the Official Nashwauk-Keewatin FIRST Robotics Team 4217 Site.

Hello, this is the website for the Nashwauk-Keewatin FIRST Robotics Team 4217: The Scitobors.

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What is a Scitobor?

Scitobors are "Super Conductive Intelligence" robots meaning our team is a close knit. We are small, but everyone on the team is like family. We have a "collective conscious" and will work together to solve all our problems.  


Thanks to our great sponsors and donations we have been able to participate in the FIRST program.

(The 2014 sponsoring company's logos will be posted during January.)




Our Story

The team was started in 2012 after the 2011 season students at Nashwauk were asked to help a local team due to lack of team members. At their first regional they finished 8 of 65. They also participated at the first ever FIRST Robotics Minnesota State Competition. They are on their way as it is their third year.